HelloWorld moving to Posterous

After evaluating blogging, micro-blogging, and sort-of-in-the-middle blogging platforms, I decided to leave my self-managed wordpress tech blog and transfer all my posts to posterous.

Although my tech blog started well (they all do), I never found the motivation to post regularly. It is surprising how logging to your own website/blog can be a deterrent. I must say that fighting with the editor was not pleasant and left some scars: publishing code is a pain and line breaks seem to be interpreted randomly in wordpress post editor (it is slightly better in blogger's post editor, but not perfect).

Still, there are many small things I would like to post regularly so I tried to find a blogging platform that would suit my need. After a big two hours of research, I selected Posterous because:

  1. You can post by email and they seem to be good at it. Talk about a low-barrier to publish :-)
  2. You can import your Facebook posts, but you will still need to edit them if you used fancy html or square tags (e.g., [cc])
  3. You can automatically cross-post to Facebook and Twitter, something that I had to manually perform each time I published a new post.
  4. After signing up, I discovered that it is ridiculously easy to customize your theme... You can select one of their theme, then select "advanced editing" and you get a nice html+css page that you can edit. For example, I increased the font size and changed the syntax highlighting font of the default theme.

Only time will tell if this is enough to vanquish my general apathy when it comes to blogging!


Well, whatdoyoknow... Posterous was acquihired by Twitter so I'm moving back the blog to my personal web site. And I'm not sure I'll give my date so easily to a startup...